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Re: Kontraupravljanje
« Reply #30 on: 16 May, 2016, 20:29:35 »
Auh, upravljanje. naisao sam na quick turn i lazy turn tj. na ovaj tekst

"Most motorcycle riders initiate lean in a somewhat lazy manner. In most cornering situations and at normal street speeds it is perfectly fine to gradually ease into a corner with light pressure on the handlebars. But, when the pace picks up and the corners become less predictable, a sluggish, indecisive turn-in will cause you to run wide at corner exits. The ability to turn quickly gives you a survival tool for managing misjudged corners while also increasing an overall sense of control and confidence. Booya!"

Koliko sam ukapirao radi se o brzom i "lenjom" kontraupravljanju. Mozda mi neko pojasni kako se u praksi postize ovo quich turn. Ja sam siguran sa je moje upravljanje lazy

Hvala i pozdrav